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O‘ahu Community Heat Map

On August 31, 2019, the O‘ahu Community Heat Assessment, lead by the City & County of Honolulu Office of Climate Change, Sustainability & Resiliency and community volunteers, collected heat and humidity data across O‘ahu in one of the largest heat campaigns of the year. In early February 2020, the group released their results and promoted their story to local press.

Interactive Heat Map of O'ahu


Poor neighborhoods are hotter than rich ones- especially during heat waves

'Hotlanta' is even more sweltering in these neighborhoods due to a racist 20th-century policy 

Volunteers Drive All Over Atlanta To Study The City's Heat 

City dwellers swelter in heat islands as high temps hit neighborhoods unequally

Scientists map urban heat islands- and track how communities are affected

The Pacific Northwest, Built for Mild Summers, Is Scorching Yet Again

To Measure NYC's Heat Islands, Scientists Recruit Residents in Hardest-Hit Neighborhoods 

Meet the New Yorkers who want to map the city's heat islands

These cities have the most stifling heat islands in the United States

Extreme heat is deadly. Where you live in Kansas City might increase your risk

How hot is it? Communities collect heat data

Virginia Beach included in one of the nation’s largest extreme heat studies

College Students To Record Heat Over Va. Over Summer | News / Arlington

Warren to Lead Regional Efforts for Statewide Heat Mapping Project this Summer

Volunteer To Help SU Track Heat Variations In Winchester

College students to record heat across Virginia this summer

Sustainable Jersey City Wins $10K ‘Change Makers’ Grant

Sustainable JC Receives Grant to Study Urban Heat Index

Sustainable JC To Spend Summer Studying Urban Heat Islands

Group to Map “Heat Islands” in Greenville and Bergen-Lafayette

Charleston joining national heat-mapping projects this summer

Where is it hottest in the Triangle? Researchers set out to map urban heat islands.

So, how hot is Charleston really? City grappling with climate change joins heat study

Texas cities join mapping project in effort to fight urban heat islands

Texas Heat-Mapping Project is largest Ever

These 'street scientists' want to find the hottest neighborhoods in Houston

Making Urban Heat "Cool" Again

NOAA is crowdsourcing a national urban heat map

Worth the sweat: Houston volunteer army maps heat islands

Texas cities join mapping project in effort to fight urban heat islands

NOAA Leads Community Scientists in Mapping Hottest Parts of 13 U.S. Cities This Summer

Mayor says 2019 was Oahu’s hottest year ever and shares heat index mapping results

Where Were O‘ahu’s Hottest Spots on the Hottest Day in 2019?

Honolulu Has Mapped Just How Hot Oahu Is Now


Scientists Search for Heat Islands in Virginia, Collect Data to Combat Climate Change

People of color are far more likely to live in extreme urban heat zones. This campaign will map the inequality.

National study to examine extreme summer heat in communities

The fight to improve urban heat islands through mapping continues across the country

Community Scientists to Map Urban Heat Inequities in 11 States

What are the hottest local neighborhoods? Raleigh, Durham residents can help find out

What is ‘urban heat island’ effect and how does it impact low-income populations

Charleston selected for urban 'heat island' study, tracking hotter temps in urban areas

Local Community Part of National Urban Heat Study

Roanoke fighting 'urban heat island' through city-wide temperature mapping project

Houston to hold 'largest single-day' community-led heat mapping effort in U.S. history, officials say

Volunteers map hottest spots in Houston on 'Heat Day'

NOAA Studying Urban Heat Island in 13 Cities This Summer

Roanoke to take part in 'groundbreaking' climate research project on urban heat this summer

Roanoke receives grant from NOAA to create heat island map of the city

It’s official: 2019 was Honolulu’s hottest year on record

2019 deemed the hottest year ever on record for O'ahu

2019: a year of record heat for Oahu

WATCH: Mayor Kirk Caldwell discusses record high temperatures on Oahu in 2019

Honolulu saw its hottest year ever recorded in 2019


Poor Neighborhoods Feel Brunt of Rising Heat. Cities Are Mapping Them to Bring Relief

Austin Tracks the Rise in Temperatures in its Neighborhoods

Exactly How Hot is Houston? A new Study Will Map This Out

Citizen Scientists to Map Urban Heat Islands in Detroit This Summer

How Hot Is Your Neighborhood? Houston To Map Temperature "Hot Spots" This Summer

Oʻahu Experienced Hottest Year On Record In 2019

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