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NIHHIS Urban Heat Island Community of Practice Webinar Series


This summer, the National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS) and its partners are hosting a webinar series to feature community case studies on what happens after Urban Heat Island mapping campaigns are conducted. Each webinar will be themed to follow the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit’s (CRT) Steps to Resilience framework and how cities are working to address extreme heat risk.

These webinars will be recorded and the video will be available on this page and the NIHHIS YouTube Channel. We look forward to your participation in this series.


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Investigate Options 4 - Community Engagement, Outreach, Education

Date: October 12, 2021 | Time: 3:30 PM Eastern



Vivek Shandas
Portland State University

Vivek Shandas is the owner of CAPA Strategies LLC and global environmental consultancy that supports communities in improving adaptation to extreme climate-induced events. He is also a Professor of Climate Adaptation and Founding Director of the Sustaining Urban Places Research (SUPR) Lab at Portland State University. He has published over 100 articles, three books, and his research has been featured in the NYTimes, National Geographic, Scientific American, and other national and local media. Dr.Shandas serves as Chair of the City of Portland's Urban Forestry Commission, technical reviewer for Federal and State agencies, and a board member on several non-profit organizations.


Keeping it Real...Cool


Marc Coudert
Environmental Program Manager, City of Austin Office of Sustainability

As an employee of the City of Austin Office of Sustainability, Marc works with city departments to embed climate adaptation strategies into long term operation and asset management planning. In this role, he also supports community organizers to increase climate resilience in the Eastern Crescent.


Heat & Equity in Austin, Texas

Connecting data with lived experience to integrate the voices of at-risk stakeholders into heat mitigation strategies.

Oliver Kroner
Sustainability Manager, City of Cincinnati


Lara Whitley-Binder
Climate Preparedness Program Manager, King County





Past Webinars

How the Heat Watch Campaigns are Conducted [recording | slides]
Vivek Shandas (CAPA Strategies)

What happens when you go “hyperlocal” – the legacy of inequitable heat exposure in US cities [ recording ]
Jeremy Hoffman (Science Museum of Virginia) and Vivek Shandas (Portland State University)

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For questions about the webinar series, please contact Noura Randle.

*More details describing each webinar will be available soon; this page is under active development. If you have a suggested topic or interest in speaking in this webinar series, please reach out to Noura Randle - NOAA Affiliate



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NIHHIS is an integrated information system that builds understanding of the problem of extreme heat, defines demand for climate services that enhance societal resilience, develops science-based products and services from a sustained climate science research program, and improves capacity, communication, and societal understanding of the problem in order to reduce morbidity and mortality due to extreme heat.  NIHHIS is a jointly developed system by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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