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Event date: 12/14/2021 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Export event
NOAA and Partners to Release Urban Heat Island Maps

NOAA and Partners to Release Urban Heat Island Maps

Register today for the December 14th Mapping Results Webinar

The 2021 Urban Heat Island (UHI) mapping campaign cycle officially closed in September, and the heat map reports are being released to cities. Mapping campaigns occured in eleven states across the US this summer, and cities are already planning ways that they can use their reports to inform decision makers and implement cooling solutions. To reflect on the 4th year of UHI mapping, NOAA's National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS) and CAPA Strategies will host a 90 minute webinar on December 14th at 2:30PM EST. 

The webinar will start with an overview of the 2021 campaigns. Following the overview will be presentations from four of the campaigns (Charleston, South Carolina; Manhattan/Bronx, New York; Richmond and Clarksville, Indiana; and Mystic River Watershed, Massachusetts). During these presentations, the campaigns will discuss their overall experience, how they engaged volunteers and local organizations, what they learned, and how they plan to use their mapping results. After the presentations, there will be a discussion and Q&A between the campaigns. The webinar is a great opportunity for cities interested in applying for the 2022 cohort to learn more. 

Speakers for the webinar include:

  • Cooper Martin, National League of Cities 
  • Joey Williams, CAPA Strategies
  • Liv Yoon, Ph.D., Columbia University (Manhattan/Bronx Campaign)
  • Janice Barnes, Ph.D., Climate Adaptation Partners (Charleston Campaign)
  • Kirstin Dow, Ph.D., University of South Carolina (Charleston Campaign)
  • Bronte Murrell,Town of Clarksville (Indiana Campaign)
  • Lucy Mellen, City of Richmond (Indiana Campaign)
  • Dana Habeeb, Ph.D., Indiana University (Indiana Campaign)
  • Sara Benson, Museum of Science, Boston (Mystic River Watershed Campaign)
  • Melanie Gárate, Mystic River Watershed Association (Mystic River Watershed Campaign)

Register for the webinar here.  

Photo: Volunteers Octavia Jones and her two children, Taegan and Tristen Harris, used the sensor attached to the car to collect heat data in the Bronx as part of the NOAA and partner Heat Island Mapping Campaign, July 2021. Photo courtesy of Octavia Jones. 


Public Comment Requested: OSHA Heat Injury and Illness Prevention Rule 9 November 2021

Public Comment Requested: OSHA Heat Injury and Illness Prevention Rule

The public comment period closes on January 26th, 2022.

OSHA is interested in obtaining information about hazardous heat in the workplace, interventions and controls used to prevent heat illness, and diverse perspectives and expertise on topics including heat stress thresholds, heat acclimatization planning, and exposure monitoring. Recommendations should account for indoor and outdoor work environments and businesses of all different sizes.

Open Survey to Influence NASA Satellite Mission 6 October 2021

Open Survey to Influence NASA Satellite Mission

Urban Heat observations are planned

NASA JPL, in coordination with RTI International, is undertaking a study to inform the applications, information access, and product development of a next generation, global mission, called Surface Biology and Geology (SBG). SBG is envisioned to capture data in the VSWIR (hyperspectral) and TIR (multispectral, 5 bands 8-12um, 1 band in Mid IR).

If you are passionate about addressing the threat of urban heat, then NASA wants to hear from you how SBG can support your work! Participation in the study has been extended to October 22nd.

CPO Funds University of Vermont Extreme Heat Project 16 August 2021

CPO Funds University of Vermont Extreme Heat Project

The project will build on outcomes from NOAA's community-led field campaigns, which have helped engage the Burlington community and have produced critical hyperlocal temperature information. But cities, and Vermont's smaller cities and communities in particular, need more tools and resources to help them determine the most effective and efficient solutions tailored to their needs.  

CEE's John Coggin Speaks to DC-area Media about Urban Heat Island Mapping Campaign 27 July 2021

CEE's John Coggin Speaks to DC-area Media about Urban Heat Island Mapping Campaign

Coggin spoke about the importance of the campaign in an interview with NBC4 as he volunteered with the Arlington County, Virginia community in their efforts to map urban heat.



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